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Arrow Left / Arrow Right : Move Left / Move Right
Arrow Down : Move Down
Arrow Up, CTRL, Space, S : Rotate Right
Q, A : Rotate Left

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Play Tetris Online For Free

You can play Tetris game on 860wgul.com website for free. This classic arcade game brings back your old memories. This tetris game gives you the same feel you used to get in your old days.

How to Play Tetris Game on PC?

It’s quite simple to play this online game on your Windows PC or Mac. But it’s good to know the game controls before you start. There are different ways via which you can play this game. Let’s have a look at the controls.

1. To start, press any key.

2. Next, you have to use arrows keys of your PC keyboard.

Down -> To pull down the blocks quickly.

Right -> To shift towards right side.

Left -> To move block to the left side.

Up -> To change the block shape.

How to Play Tetris Game on Mobile Phone?

To play this online tetris game on smartphone, finger gestures are used. Have a look how it works.

Swipe Left: To move the block to the left side.

Swipe Right: To shift the block towards right side.

Tap: To change the block shape.

Note: The finger gestures are used inside the game box panel only. Tapping outside of the block box will not work.


Sound: You can enjoy playing this game with sound. However if you don’t want to get disturbed with the sound, you can always turn it off by clicking on the sound symbol.

Pause Icon: While playing the game, in between, you want to pause the game, click/tap on the Pause option.

Play Icon: After pausing, you can anytime resume the game by tapping on the Play option.

Quit: You can anytime quit the game by tapping on the quit option.

Guide: If are not clear with the controls, you can always use the guide option. Click on the “guide” option and a box will appear, listing all the controls and how to use them.

Levels: As the users start the game, they are on Level 1. But as they keep on scoring high, the level keeps increasing automatically without interrupting the game.

Score: To know how much you have scored while playing, this game helps you on that. A score section is displayed at the right side of the panel.

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